Kat's Kids Sale is Going SAILING!

Sometimes, things just fall into place. Sometimes, timing is perfect. Sometimes, there really is such a thing as a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone involved. And . . . this is that time! The time for Lake Norman's TWO favorite kids' consignment sales to join forces and become one big super-sale to better serve our consignors, our shoppers and our volunteers.

What are you talking about? Why?

We are joining forces with Sail Again Children's Consignment to bring Lake Norman a bigger, better, and more amazing kids' consignment experience. We're doing it to support a sale with 400+ consignors in one place, instead of 200+ consignors in the same place at 2 different times! We're doing it to deliver an incredible sale to our shoppers. And, we're doing it because we believe that it is absolutely the best thing we can do right now for our family and for yours.

Our family has been organizing Kat's Kid Sale since the Spring of 2009. As we've grown with each sale, we've always strived to give back more to the community--not just offering our shoppers an opportunity to save, or our consignors an opportunity to recoup a little of their kids' clothes and toys investment, but also by using our donations to really help people who need it. I sincerely thank you for that opportunity and am excited to tell you that the chance to continue all those things by partnering with Sail Again is a big part of our decision.

I met Tammy Todd when she took over Sail Again in early 2015. Since then, we've chatted often, bailed each other out of some tough situations, and found ourselves sharing information, and supporting each other more and more. We've recently come to the conclusion that we don't want to compete, we want to cooperate! It's a lot easier (and cheaper!!) to do that as one sale, than as two. We're better, and our consignors and shoppers are better served, if we do this thing together! We share some strengths but we also each bring a really different skill-set to the table and I can't wait to share this new experience with all of our extended consignor family here in Lake Norman.

What Does this Mean for Me as a Consignor?

It means that YOU are the BIGGEST winner of all! You still have a great place to consign all your items with people you know, in a place that you know and now, you'll have thousands more items to shop! Expanded drop-off times and volunteer shifts mean that you might find a time that fits your schedule even better than in the past, and all those Sail Again shoppers mean that there are more people to buy your stuff--so you should sell more than ever! Of course some things will change, but not much! Returning KKS consignors WILL need to register with Sail Again's My Consignment Manager system if you've never sold with them before. (It's the same system that Green Jeans uses too!) You'll find that the interface is very similar to our previous system. You can click here to do that now! Unfortunately, you can't transfer between the two, but if you have a lot of things already tagged there is a creative solution. Email us to discuss!

There Must Be Other Things That Will Have to Change . . .

True! With growth comes change, and we'll need everyone's help to manage it and ensure smooth sailing! Your volunteer help is more important now than ever and so is your absolute commitment to promoting this new combined sale to every potential shopper that you meet! Please sign up for at least one volunteer shift by clicking here, share our Facebook posts, and forward this email and any upcoming ones to everyone that you can! And register! Soon! (same link as volunteering) We're just 5 short weeks away from drop-off. We plan to have enough space, racks, registers, and shoppers to accommodate 425 consignors, but the combined total consignors for both sales last season was nearly 100 more than that! A wait list is very probable! Look for another email early next week welcoming the KKS consignors to the SAIL and detailing some innovations that will speed drop-off, sort, and check-out. Note that there is a $2 tag minimum and that we will now accept 20 of your best maternity items per consignor, only 50 items under the size of 24M, and only CAR SEATS manufactured after March of 2012. Poke around on the Sail Again website at www.sailagainlkn.com for answers to most of your questions. There is already a page there just for us! Look for the tab that reads: KKS Consignors. We're looking forward to sailing with you at the new bigger, better, combined Kat's Kid SAIL!

Thank you for your support!